Promotional marketing cards from Pitscards


Why Bother?

A picture paints a thousand words - especially when it's in full colour ! In fact a picture turns an ordinary business card into a powerful sales aid, satisfying the three golden rules of selling:

Pitscards say even more about you. With a Pitscard, the memorable full-colour front is only half the story. Mono-printing on the back adds extra value, enabling you to communicate anything from key product benefits to practical details such as e.g. opening times, a map, a calendar etc. Think of it as a mini sales leaflet. It's a complete communication. Credit-card size means that it fits into your purse or wallet and is likely to be kept.

But don't just take our word for it - just visit our testimonials page to see what others have to say.

Choose the style that suits your needs. Choose the design to suit your image.

We also specialise in the production of postcards, longcards, keyfobs & other promotional items. Please contact us for more information.