Promotional marketing cards from Pitscards

Design FAQs

  1. What's the exact size of a Pitscard?
  2. How much bleed should I add onto my design?
  3. What canvass size should I use to layout my card including bleed?
  4. What software design program do you use?
  5. Can you accept Adobe pdf's?
  6. What resolution images do you require?
  7. What format do you want the images in?
  8. Can I have a crease or perforation on one of your cards?
  9. Can you cut-out the background of one the images I'll be sending?
  10. How close to the edges can I squeeze my text?
  11. How do you want to receive my finished artwork?
  12. Can I ask my designer to liaise with you?
  13. Can I have a landscape design on one side with a portrait design on the other?
  14. Will you manipulate the image for me?
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