Promotional marketing cards from Pitscards

Content FAQs (with Answers)

  1. How do I decide what content to put on my card?
    The easiest way to decide on the content of your Marketing Card is to 'brain-dump' all your thoughts onto a piece of paper using the check list below. It may also be prudent to consider how you are likely to be using your cards once you have received them. Once you have written it all down, you may then want to refine the information by eliminating the waffle and minimising your wording so that it will fit on a card. Finally, if you think that some people 'may' put your card on their notice board, you might consider prioritising the information so that the most important appears on the front, with the secondary details on the back.
  2. What vital contact information could I put on my card?
    The table below gives vital contact information you might use.
    Telephone Number
    Website Address
    Email Address
    Fax Number
    Mobile Number
    International dialling option
    Website directory Address
    Postal Address(es) including Postcode
    Person's Name
    Proprietor's Name
    Several Peoples' Names
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