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Payment FAQs (with Answers)

  1. Can I pay when I receive the cards?
    No. Pitscards are individually designed for every customer and payment is required in advance.
  2. Do I have to pay in full before I see a proof?
    Yes. Payment by cheque (payable to PITS) or credit card is required in advance.
  3. Do you offer credit facilities?
    No. However, we can accept payment by credit card.
  4. Do you give a guarantee?
    Yes. If Pitscards make an error we guarantee to put it right. Please note however, that we provide a visual proof for careful scrutiny and approval by the customer. Once a customer has signed their approval to this proof, then any spelling or content errors are the responsibility of the customer. If something changes from the proof which was approved, then Pitscards will put it right or agree a compromise solution with the customer.
  5. We cannot raise any cheques without an invoice for the value of the payment requested in advance of the arrival of the cards?
    Yes; please request a pro-forma invoice when placing your order.
  6. To whom do I make the cheque payable?
    Please make cheques payable to PITS or Pitscards (NOT Marketing Cards) and include your full name and address on the reverse.
  7. Why will you not commence my card until you have received payment?
    We do not accept verbal or written orders until a secure payment method has been agreed as we begin to incur costs immediately once we agree to start a job. If a job does not proceed for whatever reason then Pitscards reserve the right to levy a design fee from a minimum of 50+vat.
  8. When will my order be ready for dispatch?
    Once you have approved your visual card proof ready for production then it is allocated space on our print production batch. These batches go to print approximately every 2 to 6 weeks depending on demand at the time. This process typically takes 5-10 working days to complete. Therefore, the quickest we could ever supply your card would be 2 weeks and the slowest might be up to 8 weeks. Usually it is somewhere in between, however please let us know if you require your cards in a different time-frame whereupon we can advise you accordingly. Pitscards regret that we are unable to accept any orders where time is of the essence.
  9. What happens if I change my mind and want to cancel my order?
    No problem, however Pitscards reserve the right the charge a cancellation fee from 50+VAT if work has commenced on your job.
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